Say Something!

I can't put in words the immense sense of contentment (aka Sukoon) and deep deep deep gratitude I feel, to know, that my little name is written on a little spot in people's homes or offices and hearts.

I have started this journey with love, and it is heart warming to see how much love and encouragement I have gotten back in return....from family, friends and people who I never met before.

Thank you all!!!!!!

Sukoon has over 60 customers and over 100 pieces sold. How wonderful is that?

If you have a piece of my Sukoon with you (or even if you don't have one...yet...but enjoy my work), please post your valuable comments/feedback for me. It will add fuel to my fire and keep me going. And anytime when I feel down and low (and yes, that is a natural feeling guys), I know I will be reading these to pull me back up :-)

Love you all. May Sukoon (peace and contentment) be with you always :-)